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Shannon R. Loeser: Family Law Specialist

There are few things in life that are more personal or stressful than family law matters, and these situations can quickly become argumentative if not handled carefully.  At the Law Office Of Shannon R. Loeser our mission is to eliminate the fear of divorce and help our clients find the best solution that will give them peace of mind and a better financial future.

Our approach is different than other family law attorneys as we first take the time to fully understand our clients’ situation, and then look for the best solutions to help diffuse the situation using case law and other strategic options that many times result in mutually satisfying resolutions.

We understand some cases will require us going to court with more aggressive representation, which we provide when necessary for our clients. However, many cases can be resolved peacefully and more cost-effectively when our approach is more like a counselor directing both parties to make reasonable and responsible decisions rather than going to war, especially when children are involved.

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We are skilled in resolving family law disputes in ways that build up, rather than destroy. With smart, strategic advice we help our clients take the long view—seeing beyond the emotions of the moment for the best possible outcome.  For more complex cases we use methods like Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Negotiations that are ideal as they allow both parties to work together to reach an equitable solution without going to court saving both time and money.

We also have extensive experience representing individuals in more extreme situations such as false allegations of sexual abuse or domestic violence, or helping a recovering alcoholic or drug abuser retain custody or visitation rights as they are seeking help.  In all of these types of situations we can help provide a better outcome.

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If you need an experienced divorce and family law attorney don’t go it alone.
Give Shannon R. Loeser a call today at 949-392-5050.


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    Shannon was always very responsive to my emails and quickly replied back to me. She is very detail oriented and captured all of the financial numbers that were necessary in my divorce. She is thorough and extremely intelligent. She knows divorce law very well.

    Belinda F.

    Shannon is very knowledgeable and helps you to make good decisions regarding what is best to pursue during what is an emotional and difficult time. I would recommend her highly.

    Michele S.

    28202 Cabot Road
    Suite 520
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
    Phone: (949) 392-5050