When initiating divorce the parties often overlook securing technology because their immediate focus is usually on disruption to the family dynamic and finances. However, failure to manage your digital life can have catastrophic effects on family harmony and should be a priority.
Similar to other aspects of married life, spouses often share sensitive information that can be harvested during a divorce. In recent years, parties to divorce may be subject to electronic monitoring, email forwarding, tracking and recording of electronic data from the other spouse. There are simple steps a party should take to safeguard this data so that it does not end up being used against them in court.
First, change all passwords and login credentials. If you are not already in the habit of frequently changing your passwords then now is a good time to start. Not only will it prevent your former spouse from accessing sensitive information but it will also give you peace of mind that no data can be viewed by others. While you’re at it, you should also establish a separate private email account to communicate with your attorney to maintain attorney-client privilege and easily keep track of your communications.
Next, implement two-factor authentication for any account available. Once authorized, a code is sent to the authorized user and provides extra-security by requiring the user to enter the code in addition to the username and password.
This leads to the next tip of changing your security settings especially as it relates to family sharing plans. Most devices have tracking technology and share your location with others. You should review your accounts including iCloud, Find My Friends, Snapchat and other similar applications then change the settings to block tracking or set to private or change settings to the highest level or restricted access.
Finally, even if you take all the precautions above you still need to be mindful of the private information you share on social media. You do not want to share information publicly that could damage your case or be used against you in court.  You may even consider abstaining from social media during your divorce to avoid the temptation.
Divorce is hard enough. Taking these simple steps will help secure your private data during this difficult time.  If you need legal assistance, we are available to assist you with your family law needs.


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