Not all dissolution of marriage actions are contentious and may even be resolved by a more simplified process known as Summary Dissolution if certain conditions are satisfied.  Summary Dissolution allows for the parties to submit their application to dissolve their marriage without having to appear in court.

In order to qualify for a Summary Dissolution all of the following requirements must be met:

  • The parties has been married less than 5 years
  • There are no children of the relationship
  • There is minimal property [Neither party owns any real property, debt does not exceed $6,000 and community assets are less than $41,000]
  • Both parties waive spousal support
  • Parties have executed a written agreement
If you believe your marriage qualifies for this proceeding, then the Summary Dissolution Information packet shall be reviewed and the worksheets enclosed completed. Both parties will be required to file a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution in addition to a statement that you have reviewed and understand the procedure.  Finally, the exchange of financial disclosures is also required before the court can finalize your matter.  After all the paperwork is approved and exchanged, it will be processed by the court and a Request to Enter Judgment or Notice of Entry of Judgment may be filed after 6 months.
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