Now that you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, it is time to consider hiring an attorney to assist you through the next steps. Most families benefit from bringing on competent family law specialists but people may hesitate to engage the services of an attorney because of concerns related to cost or fear that the other side will perceive counsel as an act of war. Tragically the decision to forgo counsel may lead to inequitable results or a feeling of helplessness by one spouse.


If you are considering a dissolution of marriage, then it is highly encouraged you consult with a local family law specialist.  A consultation is the first meeting with a prospective attorney where you will be able to share information about your unique family situation and obtain limited guidance about the issues of your case. Most attorneys charge a fee for consultations that are equal to their hourly rate and are a worthwhile investment for any person going through a divorce or separation.


After the consultation, you can decide whether to retain the services of an attorney. Family Law has evolved into a specialized niche so it is recommended that you find an attorney that has been certified as a specialist in family law. Attorneys in California that have the distinction of being Certified Family Law Specialists have completed a certain volume of family law cases covering a wide range of issues in addition to passing a rigorous special state exam.


Once you have found a qualified attorney, you should also be able to comfortably communicate with that attorney about private, personal and sensitive issues. In other words, it is important to establish a level of trust and confidence with your attorney but also keep in mind, your attorney is your advocate and not your therapist.


Once you have brought an attorney on board, they will act as your advisor and advocate.  Family law is a highly emotional arena that requires an objective strategy in order to navigate the tricky areas that cause matters to get bogged down.  Sometimes what a person wants and what the law provides conflict and having counsel to advise is crucial to overcoming those challenges.


Further, this relationship depends upon client involvement to succeed. An attorney can only advocate for issues that are known which requires the client to be forthcoming with sensitive information. An attorney can also assist a client with identifying goals and educating the client on the legal process. Finally, it is important that the client takes the time to organize documents and make a budget or consider child contact schedules if those issues arise.


Hiring an attorney is an investment that can ultimately save time and money.  If your family is going through a divorce or separation, Loeser Law is here to assist you.

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