There are so many things to consider after separation and during a dissolution of marriage proceeding but financial security causes anxiety in almost all cases.


Parties to a dissolution action are called to identify, characterize and ultimately divide all assets and obligations acquired during the marriage. This process can be overwhelming even in simple cases where both parties are employed and the community estate consists of a family home, bank accounts, retirement accounts and credit card debt, but generally those matters can proceed without the necessity of a forensic accountant.


However, if the estate is more complex or the income stream is more nuanced, then it might be time to consult with a forensic accountant.  For example, if there are claims of separate property, reimbursements or credits regarding the marital estate, an accountant can help gather information and trace spending or create a marital balance sheet. If there is a community or separate property business that needs to be valued, then an accountant can review business records and form an opinion. If there are tax complications or long-term financial planning issues that need to be explored, then a forensic accountant can assist with those issues as well.


Although not every case requires the assistance of experts to bring a case to conclusion, there are occasions where consulting with an accountant can provide expertise that expedites resolution.


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