The holidays are stressful enough with social commitments and other obligations, but they can become strained if your family is transitioning through a separation or divorce. If you have minor children, you want to maintain stability while celebrating important family traditions. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the holidays.


1) Communicate: It is important to communicate with the other parent in order to avoid conflict and this is especially true during the holidays. If you don’t already, you should establish a consistent method of communication using email, text or phone calls. That way if there are last minute issues or schedule changes you are able to share them immediately. It is also helpful to share a family calendar listing the events for the month. If your relationship with your former spouse is strained, consider using one of the many court-approved methods of communication such as Our Family Wizard.


2) Timely Notice: You do not want to wait until the last minute to request custody of your children for a special event, or, to inform the other parent of a holiday school event. Be courteous by giving reasonable notice of schedule changes or all holiday events.  And, show patience and flexibility when last minute schedule changes happen during your custody time..


3) Enjoy: This is a time to focus on family and enjoy time together even if you are experiencing difficulty, so remember to enjoy the time you have together.


Follow the court orders and if you do not have court orders, make a plan and communicate that plan to the other parent.  If you need assistance creating a contact plan contact us for help.