Summer Vacation schedules can always be a little challenging especially when child custody and each parent’s visitation schedules are involved.

This year with Covid19 being a major factor in how people can travel and what destinations are open, it has made planning family vacations quite a bit more difficult.

Add in the concern one parent may have that their child will be safe while traveling with the other parent and family members and you can quickly see how planning vacation time will require both parents to be reasonable and flexible with each others vacation schedules.

It is important for parents to communicate about vacation plans in advance to reduce stress and avoid conflicts – provide as much information about travel plans (plane, train or automobile) and accommodations (hotel, family, camping) to the other parent along with a contact number for emergencies.

This year more families are driving versus flying to save money and also limit any health risks. Parents with shared custody must work together especially during these months as vacation schedules will require reasonable accommodating by both parents as custody time might overlap.  Most parents with shared custody will agree family vacations are important and in the best interest of children as they travel and learn about new places and enjoy family time.

Open communication is even more important during COVID-19 and parents should consider sharing precautions from infectious disease while traveling as part of their vacation notice.

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